Phyllodesmium iriomotense Baba, 1991 (40mm)

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        Although it's difficult to pick a solitary genus of aeolid nudibranch which is the most attractive, certainly Phyllodesmium species rank quite high as being some of the most beautiful nudibranchs known. The featured Phyllodesmium iriomotense is probably my favorite of the species of Phyllodesmium found in Okinawan waters. Previously I've featured on these pages the following described and undescribed (or at least unknown by myself) Phyllodesmium species:

        Baba (1991) originally described this beautiful animal from Iriomote Island, approximately 400km SW of Okinawa. Baba's animal was collected from 45m and was 20mm (preserved) in length and points out that this is the only member of the genus that is translucent and entirely colorless. The featured animal at this URL was found in an area of mixed sand and strewn coral rubble. It was collected from a small octocoral; I've collected only two specimens as of this writing and each was found on a different species of octocoral.

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