Phyllidiella rudmani Brunckhorst, 1993 (33mm)

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Species Account:

        Phyllidiella rudmani is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have collected a total of six individuals; the initial specimen was collected on 31 May, 1984. Several additional animals have been photographed but not collected.

        Phyllidiella rudmani has a pale pink dorsum with two longitudinal black stripes, as well as banded rhinophores (pink at the base and black above) and relatively tall tubercles. There are two other described phyllidiids on Okinawa which resemble P. rudmani, a species belonging to another genus, Phyllidiopsis pipeki and Phyllidiella granulata. However, the pink dorsum and black banded rhinophores of P. rudmani segregate it from the other two species.


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