Phyllidiopsis striata Bergh, 1888 (13mm)

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        Phyllidiopsis striata is considered to be rare on Okinawa as I have collected a total of eight individuals; the first specimen was collected on 24 May, 1987. The above featured animal was found crawling on the surface of shaded coral rubble amid a live stony coral reef, near the reef drop-off.

        As of mid-July, 2007, the following eight described species of Phyllidiopsis have been featured on the Okinawa Slug Site:

        Of the above species, only two closely resemble Phyllidiopsis striata; P. annae and P. sphingis, but of the three, P. striata is the only one having yellow rhinophores. In addition, Brunckhorst (1993) provides the following distinguishing external characteristics [in part] for P. striata:

"Phyllidiopsis striata is easily distinguished in the field by its three low, white longitudinal dorsal ridges, white mantle skirt, four black longitudinal bands and lemon-yellow rhinophores."

        In contrast to the lemon-yellow rhinophores of P. striata, the rhinophores of P. annae are black and those of P. sphingis are cream-colored.

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