Tambja sagamiana (Baba, 1955) size not recorded

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Species Account:

        Tambja sagamiana is considered to be uncommon on Okinawa; I've collected only four individuals but I've seen and photographed many others. Populations of this animal would appear to be quite ephemeral; in some years they are frequently seen between approximately 90m and 55m, in other years they are not seen at any depth.

        This spectacular, moderately large-sized polycerid is immediately identified by its bright orange or yellow pustules covering the mantle surface. The featured uncollected animal was photographed in a area of mixed sand and coral rubble at the fore reef area of a live stony coral reef. There were fairly large numbers of aborescent bryozoan colonies present in the surrounding area; other species of Tambja are known to feed on bryozoans, perhaps these do as well.

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