Thecacera picta Baba, 1972 (24 & 22mm)

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Species Account:

        I consider Thecacera picta to be relatively rare, having collected a total of eleven individuals between April of 1989 and 21 July, 1995. Only one of the eleven was collected from Horseshoe Cliffs; the other ten were collected from Seragaki. In all cases, these attractive little animals were found on the same species of arborescent bryozoan, locally described as the "Bamboo Bryozoan."

        The above illustrated pair of animals were found on the same bryozoan colony during the daytime.

        To date there are two other Thecacera spp. found on Okinawa: T. pacifica and T. pennigera, but T. picta is the most common of the three.

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