Thuridilla bayeri (Marcus, 1965) 27mm

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Species Account:

        Thuridilla bayeri is similar in appearance and appears to be closely related to T. splendens, but T. splendens are consistently different in that they have yellow spots on the sides of the parapodia and foot which are absent in all variants of T. bayeri (Gosliner, 1995).

        Thuridilla bayeri is considered to be very rare on Okinawa as I have seen and collected a total of two individuals, both of which were collected from Tengan Pier. The above featured animal was collected from a concrete pier piling, a meter off the bottom, from beneath the pier. The piling was festooned with an array of invertebrates, including cnidarians, poriferans, and bryozoans, as well as numerous urochordates and thallophytes.

        Thuridilla undula is one of eleven described species of Thuridilla found in Okinawan waters. The eleven species are:

  • T. albopustulosa
  • T. bayeri (the above featured animal)
  • T. carlsoni
  • T. flavomaculata
  • T. gracilis To be featured at an later date
  • T. hoffae
  • T. kathae
  • T. livida
  • T. splendens
  • T. undula
  • T. vatae
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