Thuridilla carlsoni Gosliner, 1995 (18mm)

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        Thuridilla carlsoni is considered to be very rare on Okinawa; the above featured animal is the only one I've seen and collected. It was found while on a mid-morning SCUBA excursion during a high neap tide, crawling upon the surface of mixed silty-sand and coral rubble. This relatively small, characteristically colored elysiid is known from both the east and west coasts of Australia and New Caledonia (Rudman, 2000), Guam (Carlson & Hoff, 1978) and Gosliner (1995) has recorded it from other parts of the Western Pacific (e.g., Hawaiian Islands, Marshall Islands, and Papua New Guinea). It's too bad my poor single image of this attractive animal doesn't do it justice.

        The holotype* was designated by Gosliner (1995) from material collected from Papua New Guinea in 1990 and it is named after Clay Carlson, who along with Patty Jo Hoff, discovered the species on Guam.

        Thuridilla undula is one of eleven described species of Thuridilla found in Okinawan waters. The eleven species are:

  • T. albopustulosa
  • T. bayeri
  • T. carlsoni (the above featured animal)
  • T. flavomaculata
  • T. gracilis To be featured at an later date
  • T. hoffae
  • T. kathae
  • T. livida
  • T. splendens
  • T. undula
  • T. vatae
  •         *holotype: See "Type" Dictionary for explanation.

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