Thuridilla flavomaculata Gosliner, 1995 (20mm)
Photo by Atsushi Ono

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Species Account:

        Thuridilla flavomaculata is considered to be common in waters of Okinawa's Kerama Islands, although I've not personally seen any of these animals in the waters of the main island of Okinawa, Atsushi Ono reports frequently finding the species on coral rubble at 5 to 20m of depth and has seen in excess of one hundred individuals (per. comm.). Atsushi has supplied an image of a second animal, also from the Kerama Islands.

        The following is taken from Gosliner (1995):

        The animal is green with scattered opaque white and yellow spots. The edge of the parapodia is cream colored. The base of the rhinophores is opaque white with several longitudinal black lines extending along the outer third of the rhinophores. . . . Thuridilla flavomaculata is readily distinguishable from other congeners by its green body color with scattered yellow spots and white apices of the rhinophores with black longitudinal lines.

        Gosliner chose the specific name, flavomaculata, in reference to the yellow spots that ornament the parapodia. This is currently the only described species of Thuridilla having many scattered yellow spots.

        Thuridilla undula is one of eleven described species of Thuridilla found in Okinawan waters. The eleven species are:

  • T. albopustulosa
  • T. bayeri
  • T. carlsoni
  • T. flavomaculata (the above featured animal)
  • T. gracilis To be featured at an later date
  • T. hoffae
  • T. kathae
  • T. livida
  • T. splendens
  • T. undula
  • T. vatae
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