Thuridilla hoffae Gosliner, 1995 (12mm)

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Species Account:

        Thuridilla undula is one of eleven described species of Thuridilla found in Okinawan waters. The eleven species are:

  • T. albopustulosa
  • T. bayeri
  • T. carlsoni
  • T. flavomaculata
  • T. gracilis To be featured at an later date
  • T. hoffae (the above featured animal)
  • T. kathae
  • T. livida
  • T. splendens
  • T. undula
  • T. vatae
  •         T. hoffae is considered to be rare on Okinawa; five specimens of these attractive little sacoglossans have been collected since the initial animal was found on 18 April, 1987. The above featured animal was found in a mixed sand/coral rubble environment, amid spur and groove formations of a mostly dead stony coral reef. The animal was found crawling on the surface of rubble during a mid-morning SCUBA excursion.

            This strikingly beautiful animal was named by Terry Gosliner for Patty Jo Hoff who, along with Clay Carlson, initially discovered the species. I've also included a second page with images of two additional animals; the first of these is an image of one of the two Okinawa-collected paratypes*.

            *paratype: See "Type" Dictionary for explanation.

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