Thuridilla splendens (Baba, 1949) photo only, unk. size

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Species Account:

        Thuridilla splendens is considered to be rare on Okinawa as I have collected only seven individuals over a period of more than twenty years of diving here. The seven specimens were collected on two separate dives (2 individuals and 5 individuals). In addition to the seven collected specimens, one other was photographed (the featured animal above), but not collected. The two animals collected on the 5 March, '94 dive were found in the open within 0.5m of each other amid mixed live/dead stony corals and silty-sand; there were many misc. thallophytes present in the immediate area. The five animals collected on the 11 January, '95 dive were found at different times and distances (all at 20ft) over a period of several hours and also found in the open.

        The bright yellow spots and light blue blotches on the parapodia readily distinguish this attractive sacoglossan from other Thuridilla species found on Okinawa.

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