Volvatella sp. 2 (shell 14mm)

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        Volvatella sp. 2 is considered to be very rare on Okinawa; I've seen and collected only the above featured single specimen. The animal was found while on a snorkel excursion in an area of mixed silty-sand and coral rubble amid numerous living Porites species. Specifically it was found on a colony of Caulerpa serrulata (see the "second page" link below with an image of the alga). Previously I've featured the following Volvatella here on the site:

  • Volvatella angeliniana
  • Volvatella ayakii
  • Volvatella sp. 1
  • Volvatella sp. 2 (the above featured animal)
  •         I've added a second page with three additional images of the above animal as well as an image of the alga upon which it was found.

            Ichikawa (1993) found two additional Volvatella in waters of the southern Ryukyu Islands (Kuro Island): 1) Volvatella viridis, described by Hamatani (1976) from Japan, and 2), an undescribed species, but different from the green-shelled and brown-shelled specimens I've collected from Okinawa's main island.

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